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Emilie Szasz-Frank

The Accidental Author


Emilie Szasz-Frank has always loved to write.


Before she became a published author, Emilie studied dentistry with a sprinkling of medicine. After that, just to shake things up, she went back to study and got her Masters degree in Cancer Research before completing a course in Global Health Delivery from Harvard.


Throughout all this, Emilie would write short stories to soothe her soul, understanding the positive impact and importance that storytelling can have on lives. That is how the love of writing began.


Then one afternoon in 2021, her daughter ran to her tearfully, horrified by the tragic murder of George Floyd, asking her two powerful questions: "Why? and What can I do?”.


In that moment Emilie had the vision of a fierce little bee who stands up for what is right; Bumbles and Lou was then created. It was conceived as a gift for her daughters, as a way of arming them against injustice and showing them that their privilege should be used to fight for others who aren’t seen or heard and those treated shamefully by society.


The story was intended for their eyes only but having attempted to illustrate it herself she quickly realized that a professional illustrator would enrich the gift and make it special. It was the illustrator, feeling the story was exceptional and should be read by a wider audience, who submitted it to a publisher, and the rest is history! “Bumbles and Lou: A Coat of Love” was released in May 2022. In November 2023, Emilie released her second published book, “This Child”, an illustrated story about love, simplicity, and genuine happiness.


She lives in an old converted pub in London with her husband, two exceptionally perfect, funny and strong daughters, two old lady cats and a granny.


Read Emilie's interview on Partnership Publishing

Bubles and Lou

Bumbles and Lou


“Fitting in can be difficult when you are different, and Ladybird Lou knows this well. She is a ladybird with no spots amongst a school class of confident little critters. But a friendship with a fierce, kind little bumble bee could change everything…”


Take your child on a journey exploring unconditional love in this beautifully illustrated, heartwarming picture book. With a universal appeal and full of kindness, reading it will feel like getting a warm hug.
Filled with many special moments that grown-ups can share with children of any age, the story is a great reminder that sometimes it is the simplest things that mean the most.

This Child

New Book


“My children love it.”

Linka, UK

The Child

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